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James Kay



The main goal during our  workshops is to assist you with image composition in the field throughout the day in a wide variety of lighting conditions; not just during the magic hours of sunrise and sunset. In other words, we won't spend the midday hours reviewing images on our laptops in our lodge with the shades drawn; we'll be out in the field, every day, exploring and learning how to compose images in some of the most stupendous landscapes on earth. This means you'll not only experience a tremendous variety of photographic opportunities, you'll return home with a larger variety of images than you ever imagined possible. Jim will work closely with you at each of our locations, offering suggestions on how to improve your image compositions in real time before you trip the shutter release. If we encounter difficult weather conditions which prevent us from being outdoors, or based on the desires of the group, he would also be happy to conduct image reviews and critiques or offer instruction on Lightroom/Photoshop techniques.


Based on his intimate knowledge of each region we visit, Jim has timed our arrival at each location to coincide precisely with optimum lighting conditions and if one location does not work due to weather conditions, etc. he has a long list of alternative locations to fall back on. This intimacy also means you'll not only have the opportunity to photograph well-known iconic locations; you'll also get to explore and photograph the hidden gems few people will ever have the opportunity to experience on their own. We'll do this by casting our net much wider than the standard roadside pullouts as we explore and photograph magnificent backcountry locations well off the beaten path.


We also believe that good group dynamics is an important part of any memorable travel experience and we strive to provide an environment to nurture this. From limiting group size to 8 guests to dining together as a group, we make sure that everyone gets to know their fellow participants. Our goal is to ensure that by the end of each workshop, you'll have a new group of lifelong friends who you can share photography experiences with for years to come.  


While some of our workshops may be more physically-demanding than the average workshop, they run the gamut from very easy to strenuous with most falling into the moderate category. Our guests have ranged in age from 18 to 85 years old. Please review each workshop's itinerary for a detailed summation of each day's activity level.


Our workshops are about much more than spectacular photography; or as one of our guests once put it; "Your workshops are a wonderful, photographic, social, and cultural adventure". We look forward to having you join us.


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