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James Kay



When framing archival fine-art prints, mats and liners provide two functions. In addition to providing a pleasing border around the print, they also create a small gap between the print surface and the glass so the print does not touch the glass. Standard framing mats are produced in sizes up to 40" x 60". As an example, we use a 5" mat border around our 17 "x 50" prints. Adding the 50" print length to the 5" mat borders on both sides uses the full 60" length of a standard mat. Therefore, for our panorama prints 20" x 60" and larger and our standard sizes 40" x 50" and larger, we use liners in place of the mat. A liner is produced from a strip of beveled wood molding covered with a linen cloth. These liners are available in 2-5 inch widths and placed around the print to provide a border similar to a regular mat. They are joined at the corners with a 45-degree angle cut. We provide 2" or 3" liners for these large  prints and use an off-white linen color as our standard offering. If you prefer black linen or another color, we do offer other choices for a small additional fee. Please call us if you'd like to discuss it.