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James Kay




Beginning in the year 2000, a severe drought reduced the annual snowfall in the Rocky Mountains of the American West. As a result, by April 2005, the water volume in Lake Powell had been reduced by 68% and its surface elevation had dropped by 145 feet. The legendary canyons of Glen Canyon, which were flooded by the waters of Lake Powell after the construction of Glen Canyon Dam in 1963, began to re-emerge into the light of day. With more than 125 photographs, this book showcases this remarkable transformation.


By Annette McGivney
Photographs by James Kay
Foreword by
Bill McKibben

176 pages, 10x11 inches
127 color photographs

Published by Braided River
A Division of Mountaineers Books

Published in partnership with
Glen Canyon Institute


“Through insightful narrative and stunning photographs, Annette McGivney and James Kay introduce us to an ecological miracle that is occurring in the American Southwest: the reemergence of Glen Canyon. After construction of the Glen Canyon Dam, the mighty Colorado River was drowned, forever disturbing the region’s fragile ecology of native plants and animals. McGivney and Kay point to the larger issue at play in the region - evidence that drought and climate change are leading to a showdown over water distribution. This is yet another example that the next major resource war will be fought over water. It’s a problem that our entire planet faces and requires our immediate attention.” Robert Redford, actor, director, conservationist, and trustee of the Natural Resources Defense Council


Narrator Holter Graham tells the story of Glen Canyon in this 30-minute film based on the book. By combining historical video clips of Glen Canyon before the dam along with more than 100 images from the book, this beautiful new film showcases the remarkable reemerging canyons of Glen while providing a hopeful message for the future of the West and its rivers.

“I don’t think I have ever seen such a heart-stirring production.” Dr. Richard Ingebretsen - Salt Lake City


View a 3-minute trailer of the 30-minute film

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Book Reviews:

“In Resurrection, journalist Annette McGivney celebrates the reservoir’s decline as an opportunity to reclaim and restore Glen Canyon...James Kay’s photographs show glowing sculpted sandstone corridors emerging from the silt, waterfalls beginning to run again, and cottonwoods reclaiming their native soil. With a foreword by Bill McKibben, guides to newly restored hikes and suggestions to further action, the book is part history and part manifesto for a new era of Western water management.”

--High Country News, May 25, 2009


“No matter your view on Glen Canyon and whether it should be preserved or not, this is a book that will capture your atten­tion. It is thoughtfully written and the images of Glen Canyon and Lake Powell are spectacularly interesting.”

--Deseret News, Salt Lake City, March 28, 2009


“This is the long awaited and much needed successor to "The Place No One Knew". McGivney's insightful writing, and Kay's stunning imagery describe not only an amazing place but also an amazing opportunity to experience and revive one of the greatest places on Earth, once thought lost. Almost fifty years after the construction of a dam that drowned Glen Canyon - a place described as the heart of the Colorado Plateau - too many people are still unaware of the immense natural and cultural treasures lost. In a rare twist of fate we have been given a second chance to revisit some of its former grandeur - places many considered lost forever, and perhaps set the wheels in motion to bring it back to its former glory.”

-- - Guy Tal - Salt Lake City, Utah


“There have been literally hundreds of books written about Glen Canyon, the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell near Page, AZ. Unfortunately, given the critical importance and controver­sial nature of the subject, most are not really worth the reader’s time. This book is an exception.”

--The Oklahoma Observer, May 25, 2009


“I have a profound attachment for the Colorado plateau, particularly the canyon country that I've had the chance to visit a few times. This is the reason why I bought this book. I must say though that its quality goes beyond the Glen Canyon issue -- it conveys a message of hope: no matter what we do, mother nature will eventually recover from wounds we have inflicted -- although a little human help can significantly accelerate the process. Beautiful pictures, incredible pictorial comparisons and a practical path towards glen canyon recovery - all these elements saw me close the book with a feeling of happiness and joy, and a reinforced conviction that many great things are possible!”

-- - A. Lehman – Switzerland