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James Kay


Standard Glass
We use Tru Vue brand Premium Clear framing glass as our standard glass.

Anti-Reflective Glass Upgrade
For customers wishing to reduce the glare and reflections associated with standard framing glass, we offer Tru Vue brand AR (anti-reflective) glass for an additional fee. We highly recommend it for all framed prints but especially in situations where the prints will be hanging in brightly-lit rooms or rooms with large windows. This is not old-style low-glare glass which was produced by etching the glass surface to scatter the light resulting in a hazy, foggy look when viewing the print. When many people first see a print framed with AR glass, they instinctively reach out to touch it because it appears there is no glass in front of the print at all.

Please keep in mind that while AR glass greatly reduces the reflective qualities of standard framing glass, it is not 100% reflection free. Our standard framing glass reflects 8% of the light which strikes it while AR glass reflects 1%. The situation where you will still notice significant reflections from AR glass is when you view the glass at an oblique angle from the side. When standing in front of your print and viewing it from this normal angle, the reflections will be virtually eliminated. To really see how well AR glass works once you receive your print, hold up another print framed with regular glass alongside your AR print - you'll be amazed at the difference. In addition to reducing reflections, 96% of the light falling on AR glass is transmitted through to the print. This high level of light transmission provides an unmatched level of clarity and creates the ultimate viewing experience. AR glass also blocks 78% of the ultraviolet light.
Please rest assured that Tru-Vu AR glass is the best product on the market today for reducing reflections and well worth the additional price.

Print Paper
Traditional glossy photo paper has a very reflective finish and will create its own reflections when glazed with anti-reflective glass. This is one of the reasons we use matte paper on all our print orders.

Available Sizes
Tru Vue AR glass is available in sheets up to 40" x 60" which allows it to be used for all but our largest print sizes.


Additional Cost For Anti-Reflective Glass Upgrade

Print Size

11" x 14"
adds $ 65.00
16" x 20"
adds $105.00
20" x 25"
adds $125.00
24" x 30"
adds $125.00
30" x 38"
adds $230.00
10" x 30"
adds $105.00
14" x 42"
adds $235.00
17" x 50"
adds $245.00
20" x 60"
Too large for AR glass.
23" x 70"
Too large for AR glass.
28" x 85"
Too large for AR glass.
Special Note: Avoid using cleaning agents which contain ammonia as this will damage the anti-reflective coating. It is best to clean AR glass with a soft cotton cloth dampened with water.